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  • Long term quality growth investment portfolio
  • Life Insurance

Celeste Wang

CFA, CFP, Multi-year MDRT member

An Oxford maths graduate who loves the purity of maths; an ex-investment banker who enjoys the challenge of financial markets and now an expert portfolio manager and financial advisor with dedication and more than 12 years of experience.

Life Roles
  • A proud mom of two kids who knows how to take care of a family.
  • A passionate dancer, golfer, and flute player who appreciates the beauty of life.

Our Investment Portfolio Strategy:

High Quality:
  • A sustainable competitive advantage
  • Low capital intensity and sustainable high return on capital
  • Exceptional management and corporate governance
  • A strong balance sheet, without reliance on leveraging
  • Has the ability to invest in R&D to innovate
  • The industry has strong and attractive secular growth
  • Scalable business model
  • Superior long term revenue and earnings growth
  • Strong, predicable generation and growth of cash


We work with the top insurance providers in Canada to provide you with the most appropriate insurance plan.

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